2H CONSULT is a consulting and distribution company located in Luxembourg being a prime location to service the European market. 2H CONSULT has gained notice in the golf and sports industry as a team of specialists that offers comprehensive services combined with the finest quality products in the market.

We help clients with the marketing and branding of their facilities and add value into the existing. For years we are fortunate with adequate resources to know what works and does not work in the golf and sports industry.

Our clients include some of the world’s largest and most recognised names in golf/sports, in real estate, and in resort and leisure development. We understand golf and the commercial realities of the business, and offer the necessary technical and business expertise to a range of global customers.

Solutions are broadened through 2H CONSULT’s key business relationships including one of our official suppliers who is associated with the Ryder Cup, the European Tour, The Open among many others.